How are you different from the competitors?
Our philosophy is different: SEE, SMELL, TASTE and ENJOY !
Paris Chocolate Tours offers the most exclusive chocolate tours in Paris only for small groups or private tours to lead you to - the best chocolate stores
- the best chocolate makers
- and the most reknown chocolate places.

All places are chosen thanks to their outstanding quality and friendliness toward people and customers. Let us show you another side of Paris!

What is a private tour?
A private tour is a tour organized for your party only: you are the only participant in the tour and the guide is dedicated to your party. This type of tour offers a few advantages:
- It is completely tailored to your pace, needs and interests
- It is organized around your schedule
- You do not have to wait for other participants

Do you offer group tours?
No, we only offer private guided tours.

Who leads your tours?
Our guides are passionate local food experts in fields like chocolate, pastries and regional specialties. Most of them are licensed guides, which means that they hold a university diploma (license, master or PhD) in art history or history on top and that they are fluent in English.

Do all your guides speak English?
Yes, all our guides are fluent in English.

How do you select your guides?
We follow a very strict recruitment process including:
- Regular interview
- Screening of the reference letters and recommendations
- Sample tours: we try ourselves our guides on a selection of tours to check that they meet our quality criterias in guiding (in terms of knowledge, passion, level of English etc).
On top of all that, we continuously ask for our clients' feedback to help our guides improve the quality of their guiding.

Are your tours kid-friendly?
We have several tours specifically designed for families with children from 6 to 12yrs old. The rest of our tours, however, are designed for adults or teenagers with an interest/curiosity for food (chocolate, pastries etc). There is no minimum age requirement. Of course, it depends on the personality and interest level of your children.

How long are the tours?
Our private guided tours last about 2 hours,which is enough time to introduce you to a wide range of chocolates, and also the time by which you get quite full.

Is there toilet where we can stop during the tour ?
Unfortunately, the shops do not offer any toilet for us.

Can I reserve a spot if I'm traveling alone?
Yes, of course! We do run private tours for solo travellers, this is no problem.

Can I make a reservation online?
Yes, our website allows you to book online and pay for your private tour. Please note, however, that same-day or next-day reservations should be done per phone (+33 7 77 94 14 01) or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view we will first need to check the availability of our guides.

What about the food that we try during the tour?
Everything is included in our prices (except tips): food, drinks etc.

Do we have to queue?
We select the best small shops and most of the time there is no queue at all (or only a very short queue) - Update COVID: we now face some restrictions in the shops, which might lead to waiting time

I am unsure about going on a private guided tour with your company but I am quite interested. Can you hold some option for me for a few days?
No, unfortunately, we cannot hold option for our private tours.

Can we take pictures during the private tours?
In most of the shops we visit, it is forbidden to use any camera inside but you are free to take pictures from outside.

What if I want to book a tour for tomorrow? Is it too late?
Please give us a call on +33 7 77 94 14 01 or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will try to find the best guide for you, even at the last minute!

Can I pay with a credit card?
Yes, our online secured payment platform accepts Visa and Mastercard. Our payment options are flexible, and designed to make your checkout as easy as possible. We generally ask you to pay upfront a booking deposit by credit card and the remaining amount on the tour date or a few days before.

Can I skip the booking deposit and pay you in full for the private tour when I arrive?
Unfortunately not. In order to sign up for any of our private guided tours, we require at least an upfront deposit payment by credit card through our website.

What if I need to cancel my tour booking?
Paris Chocolate Tours provides a full refund for cancelled reservations up to 7 days before the tour date. We regret that we cannot offer refunds for tours cancelled within a week of the scheduled appointment.

What if I have booked a walking tour, and it's raining that day?
Our private walking tours go ahead as planned, rain or shine (our guides will look for ways to keep you comfy and mostly out of the rain).

What if I'm late for my private tour or I don't show up?
If you are running late for your private tour, please do contact your guide or our offices to let us know. Your guide will wait for you for up to 30 minutes at the arranged meeting point. Please note that, if you arrive late at the meeting point, your private tour may be shortened to finish at the original scheduled time.

Do your private guides accept tips?
Yes they do. Tips are much appreciated by our private guides, but are certainly not expected. If your private guide has been excellent, please do not hesitate to give him some tip at the end of the tour.

What time/day is best to avoid the crowds in the shops?
The besttimes are always morning, and during week days.

I've signed up for one of your private guided tours on your website. What should I expect now?
You should receive an email from us within 48 hours. More than likely this will be a confirmation email with all the details of your private tour: guide contact details, meeting point, maps etc. If we are unable to provide a private guided tour that you have requested or if your request is taking longer to fulfill than planned, we will let you know per email as soon as possible.


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