New Seasonal Pastries at Pierre Hermé: "Infinitely Lemon" Featured

Written on 30 Jan 2014 by

After the release of the preceding pastries called "infinitely vanilla" and "infinitely café", I was under the impression that we had reached the sky. But Pierre Hermé has finally decided to revive the "infinitely lemon" pastries after their success in 2012 and you should not miss these exquisite icecream, sablés, cream puffs, cheesecakes and St Honoré!

Why are these pastries different in their lemon taste? Listen to the Master itself, Pierre Hermé: "When I created Lemon Fetish Infiniment, I worked around a unique flavor and what interests me then, it is to exploit the various facets of the lemon: the cooked, crystallized lemon, the juice, the zest, the flesh… I like sublimating the taste to create some emotion and some pleasure", so explains Pierre Hermé. So Pierre Hermé is using all parts of the lemon in these pastries, even the lemon peel itself! Hurry up as this collection of 15 lemon pastries is only available until the 9th of March 2014!

More info about these seasonal pastries on Pierre Hermé's official website:

Seasonal Pastry "Infinitely Lemon"


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